Author Topic: Been out for a while now everything seems changed  (Read 466 times)

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June 05, 2016, 08:27:18 PM
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I haven't been playing spin tires for a while due to other games on my list now that I came back it looks like it's gone through some massive changes since I been gone. All my previous mods I had downloaded no longer work (not surprised same as many other games I mod after updates) but the part that throws me off the most is when I download all the Newer mods the entire file format is completely different at this point I'm at a loss on how to do all this and I can't find an updated tutorial anywhere the only tutorials im finding are more from around late last year. Is there a new setup as to how to install mods or is it possible that someone could upload a more up-to-date tutorial like I said I've been out for about 6 months now and in that time the game was completely turned on its head from what I used to know

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